Solar Cleaning Robots


Our products feature 

-Built-In Sensors and Autonomous Control

The automated robots can move smoothly over PV modules.

-No water required (Comprehensive Dry Cleaning).

Type 1

■High Light

-The cleaning cost becomes 80% off

compare with manual cleaning.


-Cleaning power(Recover rate of solar power

generation)of the robot is equal with manual 



-High and constant cleaning quality regardless of

workers' skills.


■Features of the Technology

-No water required (Comprehensive Dry Cleaning).


-Using Sensors and Autonomous control system, the

robots sweeps automatically all over PV array.


-Crossing gaps between PV modules by specialized



-Easy carrying and Lightweight by optimized design.

-High Safety Standards, Durability and Performance

Rigorously tested by Tüv Rheinland and various PV module manufacturers. Our robots can operate in hot & dusty environments and have been proven not to damage modules over periods exceeding 25 years.​

Type 2

■High Light

-No initial installation cost.


-Maintain cleaning quality without highly-trained        workers


■Features of the Technology

-Fast cleaning speed

Clean PV modules at a speeds of up to 2,160m2/hour. 


-Highly Effective Cleaning

Even one cleaning pass restores electricity generation levels to almost 100%.

-Using Sensors and Autonomous control system, can move smoothly over PV modules, crossing gaps between them, even when the panels are installed on uneven terrain or are misaligned.


3D Laser Sensor

■High Light

-Non-contact sensor for shape of cross section

measurement by using ring laser (360 degree line

laser projection method).


 -Usable in production-line and field operation.

(Moving parts such as galvanometer mirror are not


-Various measurement range (0.01m~10m order) 

are selectable.


-Customize for your application (Sensor and 

measurement software) is available.


-Application : Pipe, Half pipe, Tonnel, Tank, Curved 

plate, Frame structures etc.



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